Looking for a sophisticated control for your lighting? Just contact Syndesie!

Syndesie provides you with endless possibilities to control your professional lighting. Syndesie manufactures and installs lighting control systems for the business market. Smart and easy to use with your device.



Through Syn-app and the use of a device you can easily, from any location, control your lighting system. Save your settings and play back with a schedule. Decide yourself the number of faders, scenes and/or groups; design your location according to your wishes. Syn-app is compatible with any lighting system and available in the App store.


Syn-control can be added as a technical heart of lighting. This system is responsible for communication between the Syndesie products such as Syn-app. By adding Syn-control to your lighting system you obtain complete control over the various types of light fixtures and dimmer-systems.
Syn-control is compatible with ArtNet, Dali, DMX, 0-10V and 1-10V.


Syndesie - The optimal connection!

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